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Handout: 40 Things to do to Increase Biculturalism in Transracial Families

1. Choose a multicultural babysitter or respite provider
2. Choose a multicultural faith environment
3. Choose a multicultural physician
4. Choose multicultural artwork i.e. pictures, statues (preferably from the child’s culture of origin)
5. Choose to adopt a multicultural vacation location
6. Choose a multicultural grocery shopping environment that also has traditional cultural foods
7. Choose multicultural daycare and schools
8. Choose a multicultural mentor for your child
9. Choose a multicultural mentor for the parent
10. Choose to live in a multicultural neighborhood....

 [New!]Responding to Racism: http://www.tolerance.org               

Heighten your awareness: Take a Bias Awareness Test

Race in America: Understanding Race  



Think about this transracial parenting scenario. How would you respond?

Twelve year old Tina, who is a minority, comes home from school visibly upset. When questioned, she begins to cry and relates the following events to you:
Her friend, Joyce, told Tina that her mother said that in the Bible it says that it is a "sin" to mix the races. Joyce's mother said that not only is your family a sin but because Tina is mixed race her birth was a sin.
Tina loves to go to church and religion is becoming important to her. She is very troubled about what Joyce told her and wants to know if this is true.


What is your initial reaction?

What would you tell Tina?



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